Fleet and Flourish Blog Hop Hi All! I am posting a blog post! Like hold on wait a minute!

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When you admire someone as much as admire Maureen Cracknell you say yes when she asks you to make something with her amazing fabric for her blog hop. I love Maureen and I am so honored to be sharing my project with you! She sent me some Fleet and Flourish to play with.

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I had a plan, well sort of, from the beginning. I knew I really wanted to make something scrappy and kinda bear paw- ish. I think I kinda did just that. I love it so so much.

I am now dreaming of all of the amazing things I could do with quilting on this one. I mean I think I could do a million different things and I really think the quilting is going to make this one so special. It will transform this quilt a lot. I will make sure to share when I have it all quilted up.


I am in amazing company with others who have made their own special projects with this line. I have to say I am so amazed by the talent in this industry everyday. So many creative people that make up an awesome community. fixed4

So go take a look at all of the other projects and well get your hands on some Fleet and Flourish! You will love it I promise.
Here’s a scheduled list of the talented folks that are sharing their Fleet & Flourish projects!

Feb 22nd ~ Amy Friend : During Quiet Time { Blog & Instagram }

Feb 23rd ~ Heidi Staples : Fabric Mutt { Blog & Instagram }
Feb 24th ~ Amy Smart : Diary of a Quilter { Blog & Instagram }
Feb 25th ~ Amanda Jean: Crazy Mom Quilts { Blog & Instagram }
Feb 26th ~ Brooke Sellmann : Silly Mama Quilts { Blog & Instagram } Visit Maureen Cracknell Handmade for a Fleet & Flourish GIVEAWAY with Lady Belle Fabrics!!
Feb 29th ~ Amber Carillo : One Shabby Chick { Instagram & Blog }
March 1st ~ Nicke Cutler : Kiss Kiss Quilt { Instagram Blog }
March 2nd ~ Nicole Daksiewicz : Modern Handcraft { Instagram & Blog }
March 3rd ~ Christopher Thompson : the Tattooed Quilter { Instagram & Blog }
March 4th ~ Alexis Wright : My Sweet Sunshine { Blog & Instagram } Visit Maureen Cracknell Handmade for a Fleet & Flourish GIVEAWAY with Llama Fabrics!!
March 7th ~ Jessica Stewart : Izzy & Ivy Designs { Blog & Instagram }
March 8th ~ Stephanie Kendron : Modern Sewciety { Blog & Instagram }
March 9th ~ Heather Bostic : House of A La Mode // Citizens of Textile { Instagram }
March 10th ~ Ali Brorsen : Because of Brenna { BlogFacebook, & Instagram }
March 11th ~ Melissa Kelley : Sew Shabby Quilting { BlogFacebook, & Instagram } Visit Maureen Cracknell Handmade for a Fleet & Flourish GIVEAWAY with the Intrepid Thread!!
March 14th ~  Maureen Cracknell Handmade { BlogFacebook, & Instagram }
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