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Let’s meet the new Circuit Maker – The Ultimate Smart Cutting Machine!

What is the Cricut Maker? 

The Cricut Maker is the ultimate smart cutting machine perfect for all of your creative projects. It has more tools and can cut through more materials making the possibilities for creativity endless. You get professional level cutting in an easy to use machine. The Circut Maker can cut your fabrics without a backing material! Yes you read that right… not more stabilizing your fabrics before cutting. It can also cut leather, paper, vinyl, mat board, plastic, delicate to canvas fabrics, and so much more. It is a one stop cutting machine for all of your creative projects. Oh and the Cricut Design Space App is super easy to use for all of your circuit projects and you can even use your own designs. Cricut has also teamed up with Riley Blake fabrics and Simplicity patterns with access to hundreds of patterns. Pick a project and the machine cuts all the pieces you need.

A rotary cutter?

YES! The Cricut Maker has a new rotary blade that makes those fabric projects easy and it can pretty much cut through all of your fabrics. Below you will see the tiny rotary blade that you place into the adaptive tool system and click the lever closed.  Super simple to load and use. This little blade can cut through fabrics from chiffon to denim in minutes. Monograms anyone? Want to cut out hexagons for paper piecing? This machine can do all of that accurately and easily every time!

But don’t worry there is still the regular knife blade as well. And it is SUPER duper awesome cutting chipboard and other denser materials for added dimension and depth. This extra-deep blade slices through heavier materials like 2.4 mm (3/32”) balsa wood and matboard with ease.

Smart Storage for all of your tools!

There are so many different tools for the Cricut Maker to help with all of your projects. One of the coolest things I discovered are the pens you can load to write on projects! YES! I am seriously thinking quilt labels might just be the perfect thing! Stay Tuned for that. There is also a washable fabric pen for your fabric projects. I love having everything so handy and in reach. I use my iPad with the Cricut Maker and there is a handy little device holder making it easy to work on my projects and cut at the same time. The controls are so easy to use and understand. When you are working in the Circuit Design Space app it pretty much does everything for you including directing you when to push what buttons, load your mat, and it even will detect your blade making sure your project comes out perfectly. No guessing with this machine!

What comes in the Circuit Maker box and how much does it cost?

Pricing: $399.99 MSRP

Cricut Maker™ machine, Rotary Blade + Drive Housing, Premium Fine Point Blade + Housing, Fine Point Pen, FabricGrip™ Mat 12″ x 12″, LightGrip™ Mat 12″ x 12″, welcome book, USB cable, power adapter, Cricut Access™ free trial membership, 50 free ready-to-make projects, including 25 sewing patterns, materials for a first project.

Do you need a Cricut Maker in your creative life?

My answer is YES! I really have enjoyed getting to know the Cricut Maker. I have used an older Cricut before but this machine is unlike any other. It is so easy to use and such a well made machine. I thought having a new machine in my creative life would be something new to learn which would take time away from being creative. I was so wrong because of the Cricut Design Space app (hello apple app lover over here) I don’t have to learn anything new because the app is so easy to use. Basically you design what you need in the app or pick a project already on the app and it tells you everything you need to do to make the project from which mat to use to what blade is needed for the project. I love that I can now elevate my creative life but not spend hours and hours learning to use this machine. I also love that there are so many things this machine can do. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what this machine can do yet but let me tell you that I am ready to explore cutting leather!

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How would you use the Circuit Maker? Comment and let me know below!

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