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ModSew:: Knit Horse Maxi Dress for little girls


Girl Charlee is an online fabric shop that sells knit fabrics and let me tell you how much I heart them. A LOT!!!! Like a WHOLE LOT! I first made my washi dress out of some of their knits and I actually have it on today. And I had it on yesterday. and the day before. You get the point. It is awesome and so comfortable to wear but still stylish.


I knew that I wanted to make the girls dresses with this awesome horse knit they had. I didn’t know what exactly but I knew they would love it. So I asked them and well they had an idea of long princess dresses. I then asked the youngest a million questions because she has very specific ideas about what she wants and doesn’t want. HA! I asked if we could just use one of their shirts and add the skirt to it. They both agreed that was okay. I knew that was the only way I could make it work for the amount of fabric that I had on hand. So maxi, aka princess, dresses it was.


I asked them to get a shirt they wanted to use. The youngest picked a shirt that was smocked at the top and had a gathered bottom so to make the dress I just took the gathered bottom off and attached the gathered skirt to it. Super simple and she has worn it pretty much every SINGLE day since I made it for her. She loves it so much.


The oldest picked a long sleeve striped shirt. Yea. So I cut it off at the point where it would make her dress long with the fabric that I had left. It was a little big so I added some ties to the side with some leftover Girl Charlee father fabric I had. I also just cut off the sleeves where she wanted me to and left as it was because it is knit so it won’t ravel. She loves her and has worn it a lot since I made it as well.



They dresses were washed after this picture and the length shrunk up a little bit making it the perfect length for both of them. They love that they now have long dresses like I wear and they are comfortable too.

I also love how my oldest is holding her little hands and my youngest is looking away in the picture above. I love those girls and I love when I can just be with them and not worry about other things. I think there are so many distractions in my life that it is sometimes so hard to just be, ya know. Pictures like these make me think this is a season in my life that will pass before I know it so I so need to enjoy each and every moment.

And go check out Girl Charlee and get yourself some knit fabric to make something amazing with!


ModSew:: Washi Dress in Girl Charlee Knit fabric


I have been wanting to make a Washi dress for so long but then again I wanted to make all of the Made By Rae dresses. I couldn’t make up my mind which one I really wanted to make first so when I chatted with Rae on the podcast I asked which one would she suggest. She said let me send them to you and make them all. I was so excited. I couldn’t decide still which one I like the most. I have been chatting with Girl Charlee about coming on the podcast and they said let us send you something to make something with. Well that was just the perfect excuse to go ahead and try making the washi in knit.


I liked this blue with mint green triangle arrows print. I knew it would be something I would wear a lot. I got about 3 yards for a size medium and I could have gotten away with about 2 1/2 or less as I wasn’t super careful about not wasting fabric when cutting it out. I actually cut it out and made it all in one morning… as in started at 8 and had to leave to go on a date with my husband at 11. I wanted to wear it so I knew I had to get it finished. I have done things with elastic thread before and knit so I wasn’t too worried. Although my elastic thread was acting up that day and I think I am going to have to redo a couple of rows.


I cut a medium and added a facing in the neck. I think next time I will do a fully lined bodice with the knit as I think it will be easier to work with and wear that way. Rae has a full bodice lining tutorial on her blog that you can check out (but you would omit the sleeves if you want it sleeveless like mine). The facing wants to ride a little as it is now. I didn’t finished the arms for 1) I ran out of time and 2) it is knit so it won’t fray and I am the only one the really notices. I also didn’t hem it, again, it is knit and I am the only one who noticed and I ran out of time. A note about me is I don’t let those little things get to me and stress out about them because then I don’t get things done. I really just try to make things that make me happy and that I love.


I wore the dress on our date and my husband loved it. His only criticism was it makes you look bigger than you are. I wore it that day because I didn’t have time to fix anything. I wanted to wear it and see what I thought I needed to do. I washed it and today I just took it in a little from the top of the underarm seam to the pocket top, angling a little so it didn’t look too forced. I put it on and I love it even more now. Will that method work for everyone? Probably not but it worked for me and I am sure it has something to do with it being made with knit.


I really love it. I love how comfortable it is and how easy it was to make. I am not super new to garnet sewing, knits, and making things at the last minute but I think this is a great dress to make in knit. I think you can make one too. Girl Charlee knits are so easy to work with and are good quality knits. Wanna know something? I didn’t have my ball point needle in my machine that had my walking foot but that is the one I was standing by when I got the dress out of the dryer this morning – I sewed on it anyways. I think sometimes just trying and if you fail then you learn but sometimes trying gets you to where you want to go. I have a dress I dearly love and will make many, many more of!


I really love that Girl Charlee is an easy place to find great quality knits easily AND they have awesome customer service. I love working with them and I have bought knits from them before and made things so even though they sent me the fabric to make this dress I am still a customer. I love knit fabric for many reasons but the most important is how comfortable it is to wear any time of the year. Oh and the not having to worry about raveling of seams is really nice too!

Wanna make one too??? You are in luck! Made by Rae is giving away a Washi Dress pattern and Girl Charlee is giving away a $20 gift certificate for you to buy the material to make one of your own!

Leave a comment letting me know what Girl Charlee fabric you will use to make your Washi!!!!

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