It is such a privilege to talk to the creatives in this industry. I find that the more people I talk to the more I am inspired to see the process of being creative in new ways. I have these rules in my head for being creative and I am not sure why they are there and where they came from. I think as adults we really put rules too high on the priority list, especially as creatives. My guest today is Micah from Unhurried Steps and let me tell you this lady makes me think about being creative in a different way. She openly writes about her creative projects and processes on her blog and posts on instagram in such an insightful way. Her writing always makes me think about the things I can do to make this gift of mine serve me well. I am so excited to share this chat with you today because I hope you are inspired and have some awesome takeaways from it. The podcast for me has always been to share the stories of other creatives in hopes to inspire you, my listeners. Click on the link to listen or listen via iTunes, Stitchr, or your podcast player.

Unhurried Steps


Black/White/Grey Project on the blog

Scrap Basket Improv – 100daysproject

Unhurried Wardrobe

Accounts that were mentioned:

Maura Grace Ambrose @folkfibers
A Verb for Keeping Warm @avfkw
Katrina Rodabaugh @katrinarodabaugh
Rebecca Desnos @rebeccadesnos
Emma Mitchell @silverpebble2 (not a natural dyer, but a naturalist)


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