This episode is so special for me because I am chatting with Be Creative with Workbox magazine’s editor, Mary Bennellick. Mary contacted me for a feature she was working on for the magazine about podcasts. We emailed back and forth and the article was published in the magazine. Mary mentioned she would like to do a write up about me in an upcoming issue of the magazine and I was like a girl that just got asked to prom. There was a little happy dance I may have done in my sewing room and thank goodness I am the only one who saw my dancing skills. I came up with the idea to have her on the podcast for a chat to get to know her a little better and have it air when the article was published. It has been such a fun couple of months of communication with Mary and her managing editor, Amber. These ladies are doing a phenomenal job with Be Creative but learning more about how they came to be the editors of the magazine was so cool. The podcast today really helps you get to know more about the magazine and what these ladies are looking forward to in the future. Oh and we even let you in on the secrets to getting your own work published in the magazine. Take a listen and make sure to check the show notes for all of the links we chat about.

Be Creative with Workbox 

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Email Amber –

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Instagram links to those mentioned in the interview:

Laura Bundesen – @laurabundesen

Amy Morrison – @stitchleigh

Natalia Manley – @manleynatalia_artist

Jackie Kozlowski – @pin.feather

Jessica Long – @namaste_embroidery 

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