episode 110 building block book episode

Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S was the first blogger who took being scared of garment sewing away for me. I think she is that person for so many of us in the sewing industry. She always has patterns with detailed directions and video tutorials on her website for the parts that might trip you up. She is the queen of diagrams that don’t leave you guessing. She is just a powerhouse and I am constantly referring to her website and Instagram feed for inspiration. Her latest book, Building Block Dress, which she self published, is amazing. We talk about self publishing because I think that is the next trend in publishing. I mainly geek out about all the things. I really enjoy Liesl and if you ever have the opportunity to meet her in person you will feel like you are instant BFFs.

Oliver + S website

building block dress book

Get your copy of Building Block Dress book… I promise you will LOVE it

Sewing Translator (there is an APP now!)

I mentioned how much I love Liesl’s weekend links so make sure to check them out

Sewing Videos full of so much helpful info

Tutorials – the motherland of amazing tutorials

Free Patterns

Oliver + S shop – it is full of a lot of fabulous patterns

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