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Modern Rainbow book


Purple Daisies Quilting

Purple Daisies tutorials

Purple Daisies patterns

The Piec-lique pattern Circle Maze we chatted about

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Purple Daisies blog

Purple Daisies Supplies (this is where you find all of the things we chatted about that she sells)

my favorite in the shop are the Micro Fine Glue Tips

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Purple Daisies digitized designs


Singer Sewing Co.

Singer Superb – embroidery only sewing machine

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Singer Legacy – the embroidery and sewing machine

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Singer’s Blog which is filled with project ideas, tips and tricks, and much more.


Some things I am crushing on and mentioned in this episode::

I love buttermilk and I love banana bread so I think I am going to give this recipe a try.

Two Peas and Their Pod Buttermilk Banana Bread

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I am kinda obsessed with anything by Timna Tarr. I think her work is freaking amazing and so darn colorful. Go follow her like right now on Insta @timnatarr

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I always love checking in with My Paper Crane. Heidi is a full stop inspiration motherload. She never disappoints.

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My kids go to a Catholic school so I am ordering this awesome Nun print for a small gift for one of the Sisters at the school. I mean how stinkin’ cute is that?!?!?!

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She has a blog full of amazing creativity, a shop full of products, tutorials to ohh and ahh over and an AMAZING Spoonflower shop. Go check her out also on Insta @mypapercrane


And let’s not forget all of the camping research I have done lately! I think some of the things have helped me be better prepared but no one not one person can prepare you for sleeping in a tent with others around you in a campground. Whoa!

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Your Own Home Store has a great set of lists of things you will need. It is even easy to add and take things off of to fit your families needs. I made a big bin that has helped so much to have ready when we start packing.

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The one thing I really have loved the most is the portable camp shower. I fill it up when we get there and hang it up to heat. I place a small tub/bowl I got from the dollar tree under it with soap. I usually hang a towel close by as well. We use it to wash our hands, rinse off the sand, wash any cooking utensils, etc. It is so handy to have at the camp site for sure.

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I also take the kids portable Ikea potty to put in the tent for midnight potty breaks. My husband usually gets up super early so he usually grabs it on the way out of the tent, dumps and rinses it for us. You can also put a bag over it and just throw away the bag. Hey people potty breaks in a tent in a campground with kids are not on the “Oh My Gosh This is So Much Fun” list! Just sayin’ and keepin’ it real.

We have the one above called the Lattsam but it looks like they have replaced that model with a similar Lilla model. At $3.99 you can’t beat the price and it is so easy to wipe out because it is one solid piece.


Abby of While She Naps recently asked several podcasters what they were listening to and I was so honored to be included in this amazing group of creatives. Go check it out HERE. You might be surprised at what I listen to on the regular.

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Go visit our sponsor for this podcast, Quilt Guild!

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