scrappy bin quilt

Growing up my mom I remember my mom sewing a lot of my clothes. Well, maybe just all the amazing girly dresses I asked for. She would even make them for friends if she was in the mood. I remember there being quilts made by my mom, my grandma, and maybe my great grandma but I don’t remember them actually working on them. I just remember they had sewing machine and were always working on projects but I don’t remember any particular one. I think it could have been that they were busy most of the time raising kids and working on the farm. Oh and cooking 3 amazing Southern meals a day. Now I do remember those meals. YUM!

scrap bin quilt 3

As I have gotten interested in sewing more through the years I think my mom has regained an interest in sewing. I love it so much that she wants to talk fabrics, threads, and everything in between. I was lucky enough to have a friend selling two awesome sewing machines for a great price so I sent one of them home with my mom. Nice, right? It was only after I wanted to scream at her very old and never serviced Sears sewing machine she was using. I wanted to sew with her and not fix her machine. So she was set up with a great machine and the desire to create something. Oh and I am her fabric, thread, and batting provider almost 100% of the time. It is a way to use my fabric stash.

scrap bin quilt 5

Her favorite thing to do is come to my house and pick out something to make and say, “I want to make this. Will you cut it all out for me?” Now let’s have a chat about how much cutting out projects happens to be my least favorite part of the sewing process. uhhhh that is so not my favorite part and really put off projects because of that part. lol But when your mom asks – you say okay. She usually says okay to keeping my kids for me to have time to sew… I really can’t say no. She knows that. It is the way we work.

scrap bin quilt 6

For this quilt instead of cutting out a project for her I gave her a bag of scraps from all of my projects for several months. I thought she would use them to make bag panels and such. She did do some of that, I think. With the load of scraps she just started sewing them together. No rhyme. No reason. No order. Just mindless sewing. She said she even found some small samples of my work that were thrown into the scrap bin that she incorporated into the quilt top. The thing that gets my heart strings the most are the little blocks she would sew with my girls while they were at her house. She would let them sit on her lap and sew with her. Seriously give me the tissues for all of these happy tears! Each piece of fabric in this quilt has a story for us.

scrap bin quilt

I quilted it with loops because it was already pretty heavy from the scraps, batting, and minky backing. It is a heavy quilt that is the perfect snuggly quilt to read a book under. It lives at my parent’s house now and gets lots of love from everyone. It tells my sewing story of distinct time in my sewing journey with so many amazing fabrics. It also tells the story of a daughter making a quilt with her mother (and daughters! Thanks mom) with no plan but a love for sewing. HEIRLOOM for sure.

Pictures taken on my parent’s farm in North Florida.

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