front yard photo hop

I am on the Front Yard Photo Hop today for Sandra Clemmons‘ new line with Michael Miller Fabrics. I love, love, love this line and how versatile it is with the prints and colors.

maple blouse pattern

I decided to make Sandra’s Maple Blouse pattern with several of the prints from the line. I can’t tell you how much I love the final result. I have already worn the sleeved version twice, which is every day since I made them!

front yard maple blouse sleeveless

The sleeveless version is so comfortable and, well, I live in Florida so it is a must. I used the cute bunny print in that perfect blue.

maple blouse sleeved version

The sleeved version is just one print and I was worried it would be too busy but it works perfect. I have worn this so much and my husband can’t stop telling me how much he loves it. I do too!

front yard fabric maple blouse

Being the person I am I couldn’t follow directions exactly. I lined the bodice which isn’t in the pattern but I used this technique when making the washi dress from Made by Rae. She has videos on it. BUT there is a catch… I didn’t plan ahead enough for the arms so I used some bias tape on that part. AND I hadn’t finished the closure for the back in the picture above but it still wears awesome. My husband said I shouldn’t finish it. Ha!

front yard sleeve detail

You can see above that I did the full lining on the bodice part and then the bias below that for the arm hole. It works out perfect and gives it a little contrast as well.

lady maple blouse sleeved modelmaple blouse sleeveless back view

I have to confess I didn’t prewash my fabrics but I did make a bodice in between my size and the next one up and used the full length. After I washed the blouses they actually fit perfect but I think this is because I made a little adjustment up in size. I really love this pattern and I will be making so many more. I love how this fits and there are so many ways you can customize the pattern.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you go check out how to win your own Front Yard fabrics!


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